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About Us

Discover Where Tradition Meets Sustainability

At, we sell a unique collection of ethnic gifting products sourced directly from India’s rich cultural heritage. Our offerings are meticulously crafted by traditional artisans across the country, blending skill, creativity, and environmental consciousness.
Eco-Friendly Treasures: Explore our range of eco-conscious products made from sustainable materials such as jute, palm leaf, handloom fabrics, organic cotton, banana fiber, and wood. Each item embodies both artistry and a commitment to preserving our planet.
Empowering Artisans: In India, women artisans play a pivotal role in shaping their communities. By creating hand-crafted eco-friendly products, they not only earn a livelihood but also contribute to positive change. Our platform empowers these artisans economically, fostering sustainable development and enhancing overall quality of life.
Thoughtful Gifts for Every Occasion: Whether it’s a wedding, birthday celebration, or family gathering, offers an assorted collection of eco-friendly products and return gifts. From personalized jute thamboolam bags to bulk return gifts and personalized corporate gifts, we cater to all your special moments.  
Our Founder’s Vision: Varun Srikanth, our passionate founder and a commerce graduate, established with a mission—to promote sustainable, socially impactful products. Join us in making a difference, one eco-friendly gift at a time.

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